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2007-04-17 13:51 krayz
need to do something with this site dude!
2006-08-20 22:39 Cloaked Alien
Bite me!
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Eternal Dreams
Hi and welcome to Eternal Dreams

Not much here at the moment, system is currently and actively being worked on (about time isn't it?). Most of the stuff is behind the scenes though as I need to provide proper administration and modules for myself before any content can be entered.

Some of you might already know the history of Eternal Dreams, back in the days it was your average dial-up BBS but a few years after that it evolved into a website which mimiced the behavior of one.

In 2005 Eternal Deams will evolve to the next level. There is no need for a site that hosts large number of demos, modules, abandonware or the likes as those already exist and does a far better job at it than we'd ever be able to pull off.

Eternal Dreams v2.0 aims to be a site that's a source of inspiration. Full of information related to anything that has to do with the demoscene, retro gaming, console and whatnot.
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2006-08-28 Rights-management
Updated again. Nothing you see front-end but the idea is to be able to open up only certain parts of the administration to content managers in the future.
2006-08-20 Experimentation
New experimental "design"!

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